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19 March 2021

Informations about vaccination

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

dear breeders, dear providers,

Regarding the harmonization of the vaccination requirements against equine influenza and equine herpesvirus infections in the individual UET-countries, the HVT has decided for Germany to apply the vaccination protocol by the UET and to adjust the vaccination intervals accordingly. 

The basic immunization consists of a total of three vaccinations and should take place in foal age. The following always applies: The interval between the first and second vaccination is 2160 days, between the second and third vaccination 120180 days. […] If the basic immunization of a horse has taken place outside the geographical area of the HVT and has complied with the vaccination regulations applicable in the respective country of origin, a horse is deemed to have been immunized in accordance with the rules. The vaccination must be certified in the equine passport by the performing veterinarian. The certificate must contain information about the horse, name, type and production number as well as the date of use of the vaccine (generally by means of a label”), the date, name, place of residence (stamp) of the veterinarian and his signature.”

As the organizer of the derby auction, we are guided by the recommendations of the StlKo Vet. as well as the HVT (see regulations for immunization against equine influenza and equine herpesvirus in accordance with §28 TRO). Accordingly, your yearling/​yearlings should have received the second basic vaccination at least four days before arriving at the auction site.