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6 February 2021

31st Derby-Auction on August 21st, 2021

2021 will still bring some restrictions, but the Derby-Auction has already been firmly planned and we look forward to setting up an absolute TOP auction lot together with your help.

We will continue the successful changes from 2020 this year: videos of the yearlings, the possibility of online bidding and a livestream coverage of the auction is part of our offer.

Date of the Derby auction

In the past few years, it has always been our aim to provide our sellers, buyers and visitors with an interesting package of race day and auction. The day of the mare Derby is not exactly lacking in highlights, but that has, unfortunately, led to the fact that we have always had to make some compromises – with the late start time of the auction and with the early start time of the race day etc. This year we have chosen a different route and have decided to hold the auction on the first weekend of the Derby meeting. The auction will therefore take place on August 21st, 2021. Should we find that the auction on the first weekend of the Derby meeting is as successful as in the previous years, this would be a good alternative for the following years.

Herpes vaccination

As can be seen in the HVT announcement of November 25th, 2020 “(…) applies now:

The basic immunization against influenza and the equine herpes virus consists of two vaccinations each within an interval of 21 – 60 days. The basic vaccination ends with the booster vaccination over a period of 120 – 180 days after the second vaccination. Revaccinations should preferably be done after six (6), but no more than twelve (12) months. Regarding the time intervals, however, the instructions from the vaccine manufacturer must be followed to provide the greatest possible protection guarantee. Please ensure that your yearlings are vaccinated.

Location of the horses

Together with the contract we will inquire about the location of the horses. The reason is that our video producer, Marius Schwarz, needs to plan his tour as well as possible. Please let us know where the location of the horses will be in the months May/​June.

Care and handover of the horses

In order to improve the horse handover process, we are planning the following changes: On the day of the auction, we kindly ask all breeders to ensure that the horses have sufficient food until noon the next day. On the of the return horses from the auction ring, we will take the keys to the respective box.

Following procedure

We ask you to register your yearling by March 15th, 2021. After this deadline, we will send you the binding contracts.

Who ist the contact person?

As last year, the contact person for all sellers and buyers is Sebastian Behrens. Jürgen Saalfrank is responsible again for commercial & administration. You can reach us at +49 30 4036717 – 30 or auktion@​equine-​marketing.​de.

For further questions, please contact Mr. Behrens.

Until the auction, we wish you a successful trotting year in 2021.

Your Equine-Marketing-Team